Wolf Mandala – Cultural And Spiritual Aspects + Unique Designs

Today I’m going to talk about the wolf and the wolf mandala. I will try to bring the most relevant and interesting aspects, so as to offer you an interesting reading.

Even if it was often associated with danger and destruction, the wolf has a lot of qualities that we can take as an example. Let’s get into the story.

Cultural Characteristics Of Wolves

Wolf MandalaIn popular culture, wolves are often associated with evil, more exactly they are said to be the Hounds of Hell, so they are not friends of people.

If we go back into history, we find out humans considered wolves a very dangerous enemy, even if the wolves attack only when they feel in danger or when they are hungry.

We all know that the lack of food and many other imbalances occur in nature most often due to man. Animals will never attack humans with no reason.

However, some civilizations considered the wolf their ally. The Native Americans considered the wolf a spiritual guardian for animals and humans.

Before battle, the White Mountain Apache warriors would sing and pray for the strength, endurance and teamwork of wolves.

When the Europeans arrived in America, they considered the land and the animals only an economic resource for human use. And seen that the wolves represented more than anything a danger for humans, the latter did not hesitate to destroy the environment of wolves.

Fortunately for the wolves, we began to accept wolves in respect for the native peoples who lived in peace and harmony with these wonderful animals for centuries, before the Europeans arrived.

The Wolf God

Statue of Mars, the god of the war (the wolf) by Jean-Pol Grandmont

The Ancient Greeks associated the wolf with the sun god, Apollo and in Roman mythology, the wolves are mainly associated to Mars, god of war and agriculture.

Therefore, some ancient civilizations believed the wolf was a dark spirit who brings death and disasters, based on lots of legends and stories, while other ancient civilizations considered the wolf a creature who brings strength, rich harvest, fertility, protection and teaches courage, independence and adventure spirit.

Today wolves are protected. This includes the obligation to maintain and restore ecosystems that include wolves for future generations, a moral responsibility that recognizes the wolf’s right to exist and an aesthetic standard that values the wolf as a symbol of wilderness.

While in some villages the anti-wolf sentiment persist, the majority of people let them to leave in peace and harmony, so they can follow the natural course of life.

The Origin Of Werewolf

Watch this video to find out how the first werewolf appeared.Enjoy!

The Wolf And The Wolf Pack

I guess we all know that not only the man is capable of living in a perfect social structure.

One of the best examples, in this case, is the wolf pack. So what is the purpose of the wolf pack and how does it work?

The wolf pack is a multitude that unites to protect each member. Each wolf accepts its unique position in the pack, just like a family member does.

According to almonature.com the structure and the leadership of the pack consists in:

  • an alpha pair (couple) or an alpha individual – the dominant, it commands the whole group
  • a beta couple or a beta individual – directs the mid-level wolves, most likely to replace the alpha pair
  • the adults – take charge of the remaining pack members in the middle and lower ranks
  • individuals in the middle ranks
  • individuals in the lowest rank (omega)
  • the wolf pups – remain outside this complex ranking system until the age of sexual maturity
  • females – always play second fiddle to males of equal rank

Wolf PackWhile the two extremes of the pack hierarchy tend not to vary, except in cases of injury or death, the average rank is more socially dynamic.

The leader, the dominant wolf (alpha) exhibits an attitude and stance to match his status by standing tall, with head and tail held high and ears erect. It also demands important privileges such as the right to feast on prey ahead of other members of the pack.

Less dominant wolves will act submissively towards the alpha; licking their leader’s muzzle, often lowering their bodies and positioning their heads, tails and ears lower the higher-ranking pack member.

Far more challenging however is life of the omega wolf. Their role is to act as the ‘social glue’, providing light relief within the volatile pack by promoting periods of play and calming the others in times of conflict.

The omega often plays the role of the scapegoat, regularly tolerating a lack of consideration from the rest of the pack. They are also usually the last to be allowed to feed.

Lone WolfDue to conflicts, sometimes happens that a member is excluded from the pack or leaves alone. However, the pack is essential for the wolves existence and they are much more successful when hunting together as a team, so the life of the lone wolf becomes difficult and a constant fight for survival.

Sometimes the lone wolf will find a new pack or it can create its own pack, which is extremely rare. The pack is the foundation of life for wolves. They can’t live without it or at least it wouldn’t be easy. They will have to deal with fear and anxiety.

As you can see, the wolves are very strong, well-organized, intelligent and emotionally intense. Isn’t this unique and beautiful?

The Wolf As A Spiritual Animal

Spiritual WolfAs a spiritual animal, the power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, appetite for freedom and awareness of the importance of social connections. Sometimes this animal can also represent fear or lack of trust.

The wolf symbolizes:

  • deep connection with instincts
  • sharp intelligence
  • expression of strong instincts
  • freedom
  • feeling threatened
  • lack of trust in someone or in your own self

I think we have a lot to learn from this animal and we should focus on the positive aspects, but always remember that we could never appreciate the good if we didn’t know the bad.

Also, there is no such thing as a good existence or a bad existence. There are good and bad moments which together create a balanced existence.

Wolf Mandala Designs

I brought here some awesome wolf mandala designs made by great artists. Enjoy!

Wolf Mandala

by zentarius

Wolf Mandala

by cryssycat


by arkyivolg

Wolf Mandala

by joannamalecka

Wolf Mandala

by sacredwolf000

Wolf Mandala

by KALgraphics

Wolf Mandala

by vvalter

Wolf Mandala

by shadeila

Wolf Mandala

by fealoki

Wolf Mandala Art

by agnesyo

Wolf Mandala Art

by escapinginsanity

Wolf Mandala

by inspired-by-boredom

Wolf Mandala Art

by brynneadair

The Wolf Mandala Meaning

The wolf mandala can represent a freedom recall, the need to socialize, widening horizons and the need to learn or study, the need to develop your intelligence, the trust in your own instincts and in your inner self or a self-discovery.

On the other side it can represent a moment or a period of your life when you feel threatened, alone and you can’t find the courage to trust yourself and the others. Stay positive, moments come and go, what you learn remains and makes you grow wiser, stronger and real!

Beautiful Wolf And Wolf Mandala Items That I Recommend

1. Wolf Blanket

Wolf Mandala Blanket

2. Wolf Mandala Bedding

Wolf Mandala Bedding

3. Sterling Silver Wolf Necklace

Wolf Necklace

4. Wolf Mandala Coloring Pages

Wolf Mandala Coloring Pages

5. Wolf Canvas Art

Wolf Canvas

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you have anything to add or ask about wolves and wolf mandala, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to make discussions with you! Blessings!

Wolf Mandala



  1. I absolutely love this article, Anna. I so appreciate that you’ve taken a very positive approach to describing a beautiful and intriguing animal that is too often mistreated and disregarded based on human stereotyping. I’ve always thought wolves were amazing, and it’s a treat to find such an informative article written by someone who obviously feels the same. I’m intrigued by your whole site, actually. It’s gorgeous and so positive. Keep shining that light…the world truly needs it.

    • Hello, Cheri! 

      I’m so happy you like my post and my website! I really appreciate it and actually this is my main goal: to make things and people more positive.

      We should celebrate life every single day, starting with loving ourselves.

      Thank you so much for your comment! Blessings!

  2. Thank you for an informative post! I always thought wolves were very dangerous but it i didnt know that there were spiritual animals who can connect as well. Wolves are seen as a symbol of protection for most cultures which are seen on mostly geographic channels. Wolves, whether you believe it or not are part of nature and should be treated kindly. Interesting article!

    • Hello, Carmeta! 

      Yes, that’s true! Wolves are part of nature and I guess nature is never wrong. Actually every animal on earth has its own qualities from which we can learn and this is one of the reasons why we should enjoy life every day.

      I’m happy you enjoyed my post and thank you so much for your comment! Blessings! 🙂

  3. Thanks for this lovely article. Wolves in Africa are considered a bad animal indeed. In fact we do personify it in church if we are praying against any misfortune. But such prayer is reducing now but we still have some local hunter who are ready to kill the animal to eat or to sell. I think there is more awareness to be done about ecosystem in Africa so that these kind of animals will not be wiped out from this face of the earth. 

    • Hello, Tsquare!

      I didn’t know that about the African churches. Maybe it is used as a metaphor of evil. And about hunters, somehow people have always killed animals for food and this is the natural course of life. What I don’t agree with is abuse. I think we should try to be a little more balanced regarding our actions of any kind.

      Anyway, if you take a look back in history and then come back on today, you will see people become wiser and they realize how important nature is, from generation to generation. I keep it positive and I think in the future we will be even more aware of it. All I can do for now is to write posts like this.

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am so happy to see you found it interesting! Blessings!

  4. Hi Anna; I can see that you have studied the wolf in-depth. In discussing the topic: I often heard the expression by some folks That describe others as ‘Wolf in Sheep clothing’, but I never think of the Wolf as an evil animal.

     Reading this knowledgeable article about Wolf; I ask, is the Wolf a dangerous animal? Should there be caution exercise when in the vicinity of a Wolf?


    • Hello, Dorcas!

      The wolf can be dangerous, generally if it feels threatened, especially when people violates its territory and I think this is available for every animal. Also they can feel fear. The more calm and gentle you are, the more they will be peaceful. 

      Anyway, if you are afraid of them, I guess it’s a wise move to not go alone in the woods to find wolves. I also don’t believe in caution exercises of any kind. An animal follows its instincts, so you can’t do anything at all if you find a hungry wolf. At the same time, this doesn’t mean it is evil. We should learn to see and enjoy nature just the way it is, without judgement. My advice is to let them be.

      Thank you for your comment, Dorcas! Blessings!

  5. Thank you for sharing this great information about wolf mandala design.

    I personally love everything that has to do with wolves and when I found your post I had to read it. and I have to say that you have a very good information about wolves and seeing your video about how the werewolf started was an incredible sensation.

     I did not know much about the mandala wolf desing but they look very nice, I have blankets, paintings, and many things about wolves can you give me information where can i find the wolf mandala designs?

    • Hello, GVporras!

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! 

      You can find wolf mandala designs of any kind on Etsy. It is the most specialized shop in mandalas. They have lots of gorgeous and high quality handmades and they do delivery all around the world, so I recommend you to have a look here if you are interested. I’m sure you will enjoy their products. 

      Thank you so much for your comment! Blessings!

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