The History of Mandala – Introduction to the wholeness concept

Talking about mandala can always lead in so many directions and also bring the discussion on a very deep level. The understanding of this symbol’s meaning is actually the answer of all the questions and the merging of everything in a The History Of Mandalasingle point which is the inner self.

The History of Mandala is quite interesting, because reveals how time cannot destroy something that is so powerful, but it makes it even more beautiful and active in our lives, even if we don’t know it.

So many of the ancient symbols were lost or forgotten or they are used in a whole new way, but the mandala is still part of many ancient rituals, which is really awesome.

Psychological and Religious Meaning of Mandala

The term of “mandala” appears in an ancient Indian collection of Sanskrit hymns called Rigveda. Indians used this collection in religious rituals and mystical interpretation. Some of these hymns are still used today in many Buddhism rituals.

In Hinduism mandala represents the house of God and also an instrument of meditation.

Yantra is a sort of mandala but smaller and with fewer colors on patterns. Every yantra is unique and has its own deity which comes to meditate along with the practitioner when he draws the mandala. Basically drawing the mandala is a meditation itself.

Mandala Resonance ExperimentOn the other side, there’s the psychological meaning of mandala which leads to the healing of the inner self by drawing the attention of the onlooker to the center. This makes the subconscious mind peaceful, awake and free.

The round shape means harmony and if we look better around us, we can find it everywhere: in the sun, the moon, the planets, many flowers, our eyes or in resonance experiments. The last one is quite amazing. It consists in vibrating a metal plate by using a tone generator. As the pitch of the tone increases, geometric patterns (as mandalas) will form and become more and more complex (check the photo on the right). Isn’t this amazing?

Tesla says: “If you want to find the secret of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” which we already do, but we are not conscious of it. Here is where meditation and mandalas intervene.

Mandala appears in dreams as well as a reflexion of the Universe that has the inner self in the middle. At the same time it is the definition of one, which means we are one with everything around us and every single human being is an infinite and unique universe. We can find everything that is outside, on the inside.

Actually, the world we see is our own reflexion. If we see it beautiful, it means we are reconciled with ourselves. If we see it ugly and negative, it might be our problem, but this problem, of course, can be always fixed. It only takes time and strong will.

The human, physically and spiritually, is the mirror of the Universe. We are ruled by the same laws, our thoughts are energy and we can admire the beauty of the Universe in the eyes of each one of us.

Mandala rituals and their awesome powerMandala Rituals

Today mandalas are used by tantric Buddhists in meditation. They create them with colored particles of sand. They use special metal funnels, that release a steady flow of sand. The beauty of mandala patterns and colors help them to quite the mind and let the soul speak.

After days or weeks of working on mandala patterns, they brush all the sand and discharge it in the water of a running river, so all the blessings of the mandala just go with the flow spreading peace.

Other common mandala practices are: make painting cloths or painting walls, visualizing mandalas in the mind’s eye (meditating) or in dreams.

Introducing The Mandala Concept In Western Countries

The one that reintroduced the mandala concept in Western Countries was no one else but the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung.

He used mandalas to heal his patients and in many of his books we find examples and concepts about mandala and its power of healing disease from the roots. He says that mandalas are contemplation tools and they support the patient’s concentration by circular narrowing of the psychological visual field’s to the center.

Carl Jung started to draw mandalas when he was in an intense point of personal development. This need to draw mandalas, he says, was the proof that his inner self was trying to rebalance. He also says that when the inner self can express itself by drawings or paintings, it means that the inner self starts to enjoy life and know love.

So he noticed how his patients were slowly healing or getting better by simply drawing and watching mandalas.

Drawing mandalas brings peace, harmony, balance, stimulates creativity and direct the one’s energy on a positive and constructive purpose.

Contemporary use of MandalaContemporary Use Of Mandala

Today, except for the mandala meditation practices that have been spread around the world, we see mandalas, not only around us as natural patterns, but also as fancy articles. There are mandala wall tapestries, canvases, duvet covers, clothing, shoes, beach blankets, prints, paintings, drawings, color books, color games and apps, tattoos and a Contemporary Use Of Mandalalot of many other things that you can’t even imagine. The beauty is that people start to love them more and more, and they decorate everything with “the happy round endless flower”.

I think this is so cool! We spread peace, colors, beauty, health and love everywhere through mandalas.

Mandala is the whole Universe

Well, even if I say that mandala is the whole Universe, it seems like it isn’t enough.

The most important thing about mandalas we have to understand is that it is not nearly only a drawing or a cloth.

It is energy, it is in your eyes when you close them facing the sun, it is in your dreams, it is in your unconscious self and inner self. It is there, everywhere and it wants to maintain the natural and harmonious flow of life.Mandala Is The Whole Universe

I hope you found my post interesting and useful and if there is anything you need to add or ask about the history of mandala, feel free to do it below. Blessings!



  1. Very interesting article on the history of the Mandala. I have never heard of this before and I find it fascinating to say the least. Now that I think of it I see the mandala design all over the place in fabric and couch designs and so forth. I think I will study the mandala further seems like there is a lot to it. Thanks for the informative article on the subject. I learned something new today!

    • Hello, Cory!

      I’m happy you enjoyed my post! And yes, mandala is everywhere! Not only in the structure of all things, but also as a decoration design. It seems like people feel very attracted to it.

      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Before now i had no idea what mandala means both religious and psychologically but one thing that actually surprised me is the fact that it is now used on many fancy object, they are so beautiful that they make you stare if you cant afford one indeed i can say mandala is genuinely part of mother nature

    • Hello, Seun! That’s true, mandala is part of mother nature! It is the most beautiful and powerful symbol at the same time!

      I am happy you found it interesting and thank you so much for your comment!

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