Owl Mandala – Symbolism And Designs

Owl MandalaThe owl mandala is a special one, not only because it has a breathtaking beauty, but also because it has a very interesting symbolism. I know a lot of people who are obsessed about owls and I didn’t understand that for a long time.

One day, when I came back home, after a long time spent abroad for work, I went to my friend’s house and in the first instance I was shocked. She had owls and mandala owls objects all over the house. Before telling her she’s a freak, I’ve decided to ask her what was going on. She told me she was fascinated by owls, because they were endlessly beautiful and she loved the owl symbolism as well.

She told me a few interesting stories about owls and after that I started to do some searches by my own and today I will share all this information with you.

In mythology, it is believed that animals were sent to earth to help people or to punish them as a consequence of their actions. It is believed also that animals were the messengers of gods or even the gods themselves.

Let’s see what’s the symbolism of the owl.

Cultural Symbolism Of The Owl

Owl Symbolism The owl represents two apparently opposite concepts for the ancient cultures: wisdom and death.

Some cultures believed the owl brings darkness and death, other believed it is a symbol of wisdom and others just used to combine the two concepts. They believed, the death was just a path to illumination or a passage to reincarnation.

In Sumerian culture, the goddess Lilith was represented as a naked woman with two owls, one on each side.

In the antique Greece the owl was Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Other antique legends specify that people used to consume owl eggs to have a long life and a sustainable youth.

On the eastern countries, the owl is the oldest symbol used and it was found on many cult objects as a sign of royalty. It was a symbol of masculinity (yang) and it stood for vitality, strength and energy.

For the native Americans the owl was protecting the night and the destiny. They were using owl feathers in many rituals.

Today all those beliefs have come to associate the owl with an ensemble of death superstitions, but there are also some positive aspects. The owl is used in Feng Shui (an ensemble of principles that balances the energies in a place or house) as a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. It is believed that it makes ignorance disappear and brings comfort, well-being, creativity, Owl Mandalacourage and success.

Ancients have given us a rich and great foundation upon which to base our understanding of owl symbolism and it is up to us to understand and interpret it in the most realistic way.

Often the concept of death, especially when it comes from ancients is misunderstood. For us it is just death and we fear it, while for them it was a transition, a change of energy, a rebirth, a new life.

The way they used to see things seems more realistic to me, than the way we see things today, even if we have lots of information. The difference between us and them is that we collect information, while they used to create information, based on what they saw, what they felt and what they lived.

Spiritual Symbolism Of The Owl

The owl has a very powerful and positive symbolism and it is a strong spiritual guide. It stays in the dark to observe and to protect everything. It can see beyond the veil of deception and illusion, it has a great intuition and it brings a chance for new beginnings.

The owl helps people to make realistic decision based on solid foundations and guide them to explore the unknown. It teaches people to enjoy the mystery of life. This bird is mysterious and scary itself for most people, but under this mystery a great treasure is hidden. It is a guide which uncovers the hidden potential and abilities, it makes people aware of subtle signs.

Owl MandalaIt brings innovation, new experiences, new perspectives, wisdom, clarity, the power to understand the world, the power to develop intuition, the native power of the inner self and of the human essence.

When an owl appears in dreams it could mean that the intuitive part of yourself is calling for attention. You may start to see what really matters, and give importance to the little signs. It could also offer you insight about a moment of transition.

When an owl shows up in your dream, it could also mean that you are receiving guidance regarding personal transformation or change. This change is characterized by maturity, evolution and wisdom.


Owl Mandala Meaning And Use

The mandala owl symbolizes an important opening to the spiritual world, the need to see and to discover the other side of the world, the one hiding behind of what we see with our eyes. It helps us to focus on what really matters: unconditional love, compassion, the true. It helps us to stay honest to ourselves and to others and to see the true exactly as it is, in its natural form as energy and not as words, images or sounds.

The mandala owl has a really deep meaning and maybe it is hard to assimilate it all at once, but if you are open to this kind of evolution, you will slowly but surely know the taste of true happiness and true love. And the most amazing thing is that you find all these just inside you.

The mandala owl is used in many forms as decoration objects (tapestry, panels, prints, jewelry, clothes, shoes), as meditation tools, as tattoos and as many other things that could be decorated.

Owl Mandala Designs

I will bring here the most popular owl mandala designs. Besides these, you can make your own personal designs, by using your infinite imagination. When it comes to mandalas imagination never ends.

Depending on color the owl mandala design can be:

  • black and white
  • colored

Owl Mandala           Owl Mandala

Depending on shape the owl mandala design can be:

  • a mandala with an owl in the center

Owl Mandala

  • an owl with a mandala behind

Owl Mandala

  • owl shape filled with mandala patterns (the most common) – may have open or closed wings

Owl Mandala     Owl Mandala

The owl mandala design depends also on the category it belongs to. Let’s see together some categories and designs:

  • owl mandala tapestry – canvas, wall hanging, bedding, curtains, pillow cases etc
  • owl mandala clothes
  • owl mandala jewelry
  • owl mandala prints
  • owl mandala tattoos

Where You Can Buy Owl Mandala Items

You can buy owl mandala items from Amazon and from Ebay, but I have to mention that they only have a few products in this category. If you prefer a store specialized in mandalas and other similar items, I hardly recommend you to have a look on Etsy. They have a wide range of beautiful and high quality products from which you can choose.

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We Can Always Learn From Nature

I belive nature and animals are always a source of inspiration and knowledge. Time spent by observing and enjoying nature is never wasted. We can learn in a half hour spent into the nature what we can’t learn in a life spent studying and collecting information.


Owl Mandala

I hope my post was useful and interesting to you and if you have any questions or anything to add about owl mandala, just feel free to leave a comment below. Blessings!



  1. Once again I’m a big fan of your website. I have read almost every article in your website. I love all the articles you have posted about Mandala. This is actually amazing to know a lot about this Owl Designed Mandalas. Thank you so much for posting this article and sharing it with us.

  2. Hey there! really informative piece of article. This is really interesting and you have provided a lot of information regarding the Owl Mandala! I was fascinated while reading the cultural symbolism. The owl has been a symbol from such a long time ago. How famous is Owl mandala today!

    Anyways best of luck!

    • Hello, Abdul! Every animal has its own unique and awesome symbolism. I started with the most popular animals, but in the future I will make posts for almost every mandala animal.

      I belive it is so important for us to descover the richness of nature. If it is hidden, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

      Thank you for your comment and I’m so happy you enjoyed my post!

  3. Hey, Anna! It is so great that I can read this amazing story and introduction about Owl Mandala in this dead of winter. It gives me a warm feeling. I learned something new from it and saw such beautiful patterns and pictures! I will often visit your website in the future!

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