Mandala Tapestry – Meaning and Use

We’ve seen together what is a mandala, what it represents, what is used for, how to draw it, and now that we are familiar with the term, I’ve decided to give more information about another popular and fascinating subject, which is mandala tapestry.


What Does Mandala Tapestry Mean?

Mandala TapestryA tapestry is a piece of thick textile fabric with complicated pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or soft furnishing.

If we resemble something with a tapestry, it means it is in complexity or richness of design or characteristics (human’s rich tapestry, nature’s rich tapestry, universe’s rich tapestry).

The word “tapestry” comes from the old French term “tapisserie”, derived from the first French term who described this concept, “tapis” (carpet).

Therefore, a mandala tapestry is a textile fabric which has mandala designs on it and it is used as a contemporary decoration item.


Popular Mandala Tapestry Designs And Their Meaning

Mandala tapestries can be classified by the type of mandala they have on it, and we find:

  • simple mandala tapestry – these can have geometrical designs, flower designs or tribal designs and they symbolize the infinite power of the universe, the inner self, harmony, balance and perfection (if you want to know more about mandala designs, read Mandala Tatto Design – How To Choose The Best Design For You).

Mandala Tapestry

  • animal mandala tapestry – these tapestries, have mandala animals (animals shapes filled with mandala patterns) on them; usually we find sacred animals from different traditions and cultures and they have a powerful symbolism, so the whole decoration will be even more interesting and fascinating.

Let’s see some popular sacred animals used on mandala tapestries:

  • elephant – this animal is the most popular because it has very positive and strong qualities as wisdom, intelligence, strength, softness, kindness, spirituality; it brings good luck, prosperity, fertility and spiritual evolution (here you can find more interesting and detailed information about it: Elephant Mandala – The Symbolism Of The Sacred Animal)

Elephant Mandala Tapestry

  • owl – the symbolism for this animal consists in: intuition, the ability to see what others don’t see, capacity to see beyond masks, wisdom, magic, mystery, ancient knowledge, femininity, acute vision; in tradition it is said the owl brings dead, but it actually brings transition, change, spiritual evolution (if you want to know more, read Owl Mandala – Symbolism And Designs)

Owl Mandala Tapestry

  • wolf – it represents appetite for freedom, sharp intelligence, strong instincts, spiritual guide, developed social side, loyalty, determination and trust in their own heart and soul; we find all these qualities everywhere around the world, except Europe, where the wolves are feared (with no reason in my opinion; they are great animals and we can learn a lot from their life principles) – click here to learn more about wolf mandala

Wolf Mandala Tapestry

  • cat – these solitary animals symbolize independence, patience, cleverness, curiosity, courage, the ability to cross between the spiritual and physical worlds, resurrection and rebirth, associated with darkness (mystery, fear, the unconscious), unpredictability, the power of healing; the cats also bring contradictory features as: rest and action, light and dark, up and down, which creates a sort of balance, where good and bad unify and work together. Cats wait and act only when it’s right. They are also protective, highly confident, sensitive (they feel and see over words and actions) and agile (quick but accurate) – click here to learn more about cat mandala

Cat Mandala Tapestry

The cat is my favorite animal and I think it has much more qualities than the ones I’ve brought here, but this is only a short description just to give you an idea of mandala animal symbolism. Anyway, I will make detailed posts for every single animal, as I’ve done for the elephant, so you will see how important, interesting and unique is each animal and how much we can learn from all of them.

Mandala animal tapestries have a very powerful meaning and they create you the possibility to choose what kind of symbolism you prefer and need most. Anyway, it doesn’t matter you prefer simple mandala or mandala animal, they are both full of significance and endlessly beautiful. So whatever you like and need, it is absolutely perfect!


Colors Symbolism

Often, a mandala tapestry is made by using a single color for the ones who have simple and elegant preferences, but also by using a rainbow of colors for the rebellious and sophisticated ones. So, whatever you prefer, let’s have a look on what colors represent on mandala tapestries:

  • black and white – the spiritual meaning of white is wisdom, evolution, purity, essence and light; white expresses color manifestation, while black expresses the absence of colors, but the interlacing between black and white stands for the constant relationship between visible and invisible, appearances and essences; Together, black and white create the perfect and natural balance.


  • red – love for divine principle, vitality, accuracy, solidity, passion, earthbound features, temporarily existence and limitation.


  • blue – the color of water and sky, symbolizes spiritual strength and Mandala Tapestryinner peace; also, light blue stands for meditation, while dark blue stands for dreams.


  • yellow – the warmest color of the light spectrum; this color is connected with sun and gold, two symbols of spiritual influence and wisdom; rebirth, golden mean, communication between heaven and earth.


  • green – revival, regeneration, access to spiritual knowledge, freshness; clear mind, soul and body.


  • orange – obtained from the mixture of red and yellow, it represents a combination between the spiritual world and the physical world and the combination between infinity and mortality.


  • violet– creates balance between heaven and earth; it represents the course of existence from earthly life to infinite life; intuition, universe, absolute.


How To Use Mandala Tapestries

Mandala tapestries are used to decorate homes as wall hangings and I think this is the most common use of them.

They are used also as beach towels, picnic blankets or just as simple blankets. In this category, I’ll put also home decorating items like mandala pillows (see How To Easy Draw A Mandala – Cool Home Decorating Ideas if you want to learn how to make a wall hanging mandala tapestry or a mandala pillow), carpets, curtains, canvas and paintings.

We can find as well mandala dresses, t-shirts, pants or shoes, so it’s amazing how this spiritual circle, obtained such a big place in the decoration category. I guess no one can resist to its beauty!

Mandala Tapestry


Where You Can Buy Mandala Tapestries

You can find them on Amazon and Ebay for very low prices, and also on Free Spirit Shop, which has slightly higher prices, but very good quality.

Anyway, in my opinion, the best shop of all for this category of products is Etsy. They have both very good prices and high quality items. 

>>>See 12 Gorgeous And High Quality Mandala Wall Tapestries Reviewed<<<

You can have a look and choose what suits you best. Enjoy!


Material And Spiritual At The Same Time

Its rich spiritual meaning help us to meditate, discover ourselves and raise our interest in a more spiritual world, but at the same time, its physical beauty and the harmonious way the shapes are placed inside makes it so catchy for our eyes to the point we can’t stop admiring its stunning material and spiritual beauty.

If there is anything else you want to know about mandala tapestry, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be so happy to make discussions with you! Blessings!

Mandala Tapestry









  1. Wow, these Mandalas are so exquisitely beautiful! Thank you for sharing all the meanings of the animals, designs, and colours. It is wonderful to see tapestry being celebrated and enjoyed in this way. I shall be watching your site for ideas of things to make. Very, very interesting.

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