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Mandala Coloring BookAs adults, we always have responsibilities, people to take care of and lots of work. We often rush to do all those things right, but we forget the most important one: to think about ourselves!

Having a walk in the park, having fun with a mandala coloring book, having a few minutes of introversion, having a run in the morning just to give a boost of energy to your body, having a coffee or just some time to breathe deeply, only to remember that you are alive. We forget to do all those things, because we think we don’t have enough time.

But, if we only rush to arrive in time, then when do we live?

I work a lot and I can tell that nothing can be compared with the moment I see the results of my work. It is priceless and I know there are lots of people out there who feel the same.

But to be able to enjoy our work and everything our life has to offer, I think it is very important to take a moment for ourselves, to relax, to think about ourselves, to set up our goals every day, to make the whole thing and the whole life more organized and more balanced, because we are humans, not robots.

We need motivation, we need a purpose, so we can do everything with passion and devotion.

Today I will make some mandala coloring book reviews, but first I wanted to underline, that this isn’t only about coloring, and running is not only running. Those are important moments, when we choose to have a break and to spend some time with ourselves, so the work will become a passion and the life will become an interesting adventure.

If coloring a mandala book is your favorite way to relax, as it is mine, I think you should have a look on those reviews I’ve made for you.

Easy Flower Mandala Adult Coloring Book

Mandala Coloring BookThis one is a good option if you are a beginner or just if you prefer simple and easy mandala patterns and flowers. It is a good mandala coloring book to start with and a good friend if you want to relax, grow your creativity or just start to have anxiety-free days.

Price: £5.97

Average customer rank: 5/5


  • featuring 30 original images
  • single sided coloring pages (you don’t have to worry about bleed-through if you choose to use markers)
  • includes a free digital book to download
  • the author of the book is Stefania Miro (she belongs to Happy Coloring, a group of artists and illustrators that share the passion for creating beautiful, fun and relaxing coloring books)

Where to buy: Amazon

100 Impressive Mandalas Adult Coloring Book (Vol. 3)

Mandala Coloring BookThis coloring book has beautiful and highly detailed mandalas and it is a perfect relaxing tool. It is a good option if you prefer more complex mandalas. I brought here the third volume, because it is the most beautiful and the best ranked.

Price: £6.96

Average customer rank: 4.3/5


  • one image per page to prevent bleed through
  • you can use any of your favorite tools: colored pencils, pens and fine-tipped markers
  • it can be a perfect gift

Where to buy: Amazon

Beautiful Mandalas Coloring Book For Adults

Mandala Coloring BookThis is one of the most popular mandala coloring books and the price is very good as well. It has beautiful, interesting and original mandalas with unique and complex patterns.

The author (Coloring Therapist) says coloring helps you to reconnect with your inner child. By coloring, you break the negative thinking pattern that’s been hindering you from reaching your goals.

Price: £4.85

Average customer rank: 4.8/5

No other specifications

Where to buy: Amazon

Mandala Coloring Book For Kids By Jade Summer

Mandala Coloring Book For KidsThis book has simple and easy to color mandalas for beginners and for kids. It has basic and symmetrical shapes which form traditional mandalas, animal mandalas, geometric mandalas and flower mandalas. It is the best choice for kids, but also for adults.

Price: £5.29

Average customer rank: 5/5


  • relaxing coloring pages
  • 50 unique beautiful illustrations
  • single-sided pages
  • great for all skill levels

About Jade Summer:

  • he has more than 100 coloring books (popular themes: animals, mandalas, fantasy, inspirational etc)
  • more than 6,500 5-star Amazon Reviews (Jade Summer is one of the premier coloring book brands and a frequent bestseller on Amazon)

Where to buy: Amazon

Celtic Mandalas Coloring Book

Celtic Mandala Coloring BookThere are people who prefer specific mandala designs, as the Celtic ones. I like those models too. They bring an ancient air and a very good time for adults and kids.

Price: £7.68

Average customer rank: 4.8/5


  • the author is Brigid Ashwood
  • 50 intricate and beautiful Celtic pictorial
  • perfect for coloring with fine tip markers or colored pencils

Where to buy: Amazon

50 Relaxing Animal Designs By Jade Summer

Animal Mandala Coloring BookAnimal mandala are always stunning, in my opinion. If you are tired of traditional mandalas, you can try something new, like animal mandalas. Every animal has its own amazing qualities and symbolism and it can be really fun and relaxing to color a book like this.

Price: £5.29

Average customer rank: 4.6/5

Jade Summer (author) – 1st best-seller in Individual Artist Books


  • 50 unique animal mandala illustrations
  • single-sided pages
  • great for all skill levels
  • makes a wonderful gift

Where to buy: Amazon

Adult Coloring Book – Stress Relieving Designs

Animal Mandala Coloring BookThis coloring book has animals, mandalas, flowers, paisley patterns and more. It is perfect if you prefer to combine all the mandala designs in one book.

Price: £5.21

Average customer rank: 4.5/5


  • 64 unique designs to color
  • various levels of intricacy keeping you excited
  • printed one sided
  • each coloring page is designed to relax and inspire
  • perfect for every skill level
  • perfect with your choice of coloring tools: crayons, gel pens, markers, colored pencils

Where to buy: Amazon

I hope you enjoyed my post and if you have anything to add or ask about mandala, feel free to leave a comment below. Blessings!



  1. I have a few favourite relaxation options that I enjoy but definitely drawing and colouring are rather high on my list. 

    Its absolute bliss to spend a lazy day in the garden during the summer, working on my website and taking breaks and grabbing my fav colour book. I love some of the Mandala Books you have reviewed here. For me the animal designs is a winner!

    • Hello, Dianne!

      Coloring can be very relaxing and fun! 

      Yes, you’re right about it. Unfortunately, the summer is very far away now. At least it is here, in UK.

      I am happy you found some of your favorite mandala coloring books here. Actually, mandala patterns are starting to appear everywhere and in all forms and tomorrow I will write a post about this.

      Thank you for your comment, Dianne!

  2. I was amazed to see how popular adult coloring has become.  Both my adult daughter and adult niece participate.  These books look incredible.  I regret not seeing this post prior to doing my  Christmas shopping.  It would have saved me a lot of headaches trying to find something they would like.  Well, a couple of birthdays are coming up, so I think I know what I will be getting!

    • Hello, there!

      I’m always trying to bring the best options here and I’m happy to see you like the books I’ve chosen for these reviews. I think a mandala coloring book is always a special gift, no matter the occasion.

      Thank you for your comment!

  3. I found this article to most interesting as I was unfamiliar with Mandala coloring books. My wife and I get a lot of enjoyment out of coloring with our granddaughters, it truly is a wonderful way to spend quality time with these little ones. The Mandala books would make an addition to our coloring sessions and for going solo. Enjoyed this review very much, thank you.

    • Hello, Myles! I’m happy you enjoyed my review! Mandalas are too beautiful to not spread them everywhere! Lol

      Thank you so much for your comment and I am sure you will have a great time with your granddaughters and the mandala coloring books! 🙂

  4. It’s important to enjoy life and take in the moments. Many times, people are on their phones instead of taking in the moment and enjoying life. 

    What I do to be in the moment is powerlifting.  The Mandalas Adult Coloring book sounds pretty good and relaxing.  It’s nice to connect with your inner child.  I believe that we all have an inner child.  It’s great that by coloring it breaks your negative thinking pattern that is stopping you from reaching your goals.  Does it help with writer’s block as well?



    • Hello, Shira!

      You’re right about everything. We need more balance in our lives and there are lot of little tricks and little moments that really make big differences. I always encourage people and myself to see and appreciate everything around us.

      If you choose to spend some time with a coloring book is great. If you choose to read a book, or meditate, or dance is great as well! 

      It doesn’t matter how you choose to spend some quality time, what really matters is how you feel about it. Every single human being love different things. We only have to find out what we love and the answer is just inside us.

      And the more important thing is to never give up when you feel stuck. It happens to everyone. There are moments and moments. If we never felt stuck, we would not know how to enjoy when we succeed. Just give yourself some time and I am sure you will get over it.

      Thank you so much for your comment, Shira!

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