Mandala Bedding – Gorgeous And High Quality Product (Review)

Product: Mandala Bedding – Hand Drawn Design Full Bedding Set

Price: from £28.45 to £210.23 (depending on size)

Sizes available: 21

Backside colors available: 9 (black, red, ash pink, pink, ecru, canvas/gray, white, lilac, blue)

Design: floral

Mandala BeddingMaterial: cotton, microfiber, sateen

Can be personalized: yes

Favorite by 1179 people

Average customer rank: 5/5

Ready to ship in 3 – 7 business days

Returns accepted

From Bulgaria

Where to buy: Etsy

Hand Drawn Mandala Bedding, Product Overview

This mandala bedding design is hand-drawn. The duvet cover and the pillows are zipped, the textile and the inks used are lack of smell, non-toxic and anti allergic.

If you ask me, I always love handmade crafts and original designs and most product on Etsy are like this, so I recommend this shop for the ones who think it like me. If it’s original, I think it’s not a product anymore, but a piece of art.

In fact, for this mandala bedding item you can request a custom order if you want to make a gift or just if you want to have your own unique design. Gift wrapping and message are available as well.

About The Author

Mandala Bedding

The author of this mandala bedding design is Cool Bedding, a shop from Burgas, Bulgaria. There are four members on the shop: the owner, a customer service specialist and two designer artists.

They make a great job and if you want to know more about them, about their products and about their work, you can have a read here. They have all the details you need.

High Price And High Quality Over Low Price And Poor Quality

Mandalas are used today to decorate almost everything and they have come to form a large area of mandala products, but still, I prefer to believe it is more than that. Mandala is art, it is the fruit of imagination and creation, so that’s why I always encourage hand-made and original mandalas. Nothing can be beaten or compared with uniqueness.

I’m an art lover, so I prefer to make my own designs and decorations all over my house, and if I don’t, then I prefer to buy unique designs. But those unique designs are more expensive than the “product type” ones, because someone is working hard to make them, so you will have a piece of those people’s soul and imagination on them and I think this is priceless!

Usually high prices reflect high quality and low prices reflect poor quality, but this is not always a rule. You can spend lots of money on useless items, if you don’t look carefully. But when it is a handmade, you should expect to find higher prices than usually. It is up to you and, of course, this is only a matter of taste and preferences.

How Important Is To Take Care Of Your Resting Place

Mandala BeddingYour bed is your resting place and everybody knows how bad is when you feel tired and lifeless. That’s why it is very important to have a good rest, so a clearer mind and a healthier body.

Every human out there has its own unique life, but all of us have something in common. We all want to be happy, loved, and to find a little more balance in our lives.

When we sleep, our bodies and our minds are resting and recharging for the next day. So it is very important to have a good and peaceful sleep. I will list a few important factors that help you to have a quality night sleep:

  • noise level (it has to be no noise in your bedroom during the night)
  • room air temperature (it has to be a little cool so you will feel very warm and comfortable under your duvet; I recommend you to air the room about half an hour before going to sleep; fresh air is always good for your sleep)
  • bed comfort and quality
  • bedding comfort and quality (cotton is always better than polyester and also make sure your bed sheets are not made of toxic inks or textiles)
  • the lights in the room (is recommended to have poor and yellow lights in your bedroom before you sleep, and perfect darkness when you sleep)
  • smells (it is very important to have no bad smells in your bedroom; actually there are some aromas that help you to have a better sleep and more energy the day after: lavender and Valerian roots bring a peaceful sleep, while mint and lemon are good in the morning for energy and concentration)
  • the colors in the room (the colors that bring sleep are dark blue, violet and indigo)

So if you have all of those conditions in your bedroom or at least five of them, you will sleep like a king/queen.

Better Sleep, More Motivation And More Energy

Why is so important to sleep well? Because you will feel fully recharged, your mind will be open, calm and clear. Your body will be ready to conquer the world, so this will bring balance to your life, and then happiness, and then love.

Not many years ago I used to not taking care at all of my sleeping and I started to feel almost always angry, antisocial and depressed. I couldn’t understand why, until I decided to make some changes and to start caring more about myself.

I started with little things: sleep better, have a little run in the morning (this is a way you tell your body it is a big day and you have things to do, so it will respond with a huge amount of energy and your mind will respond with a huge amount of positivism and motivation), try to eat healthier (especially fruits, vegetables and natural juices), try to understand people, try to understand yourself, by asking yourself “why” when you feel you react wrong.

You don’t have to do all those things at once, you don’t even have to force yourself, just take it easy and be patient. The most important thing is to start. It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It only matters you made a decision.

You can start with having a better sleep with a warm, cozy, gorgeous and original mandala bedding!

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Mandala Bedding

I hope my post was useful to you and if you have anything to ask or add about mandala bedding, feel free to leave a comment below! Blessings!



  1. This is very beautiful piece of art work that is not only hard made but also very delicatly designed those guys from Bulgaria are doing very great work and they need to hire more because in the near future that business will explode thanks to your great blog . And the great work you have done in reviewing their work

    • Thank you, Charles! I’m happy you like the design!

      And yes, the guys from Bulgaria are doing an amazing job! I’m so happy I’ve found them! Their shop is unique and, the thing I love the most: they have high quality bedding products!

  2. I love everything personalize. It represents me and I get exactly what I wanted and also it is a perfect gift that is very thoughtful. I do not mind paying a little more but if the bedding will last me a couple years I am all for it, it is probably the same price as having a cheaper one versus one good one. When it comes to bedding or mattress I invest on a good one, since I think that you spend half of your life on it! Thanks for review for this awesome product. 

    • Hello, Nuttanee! 

      We often buy cheap products, because we believe we save money, but most of the time, we spend more money on lots of cheap products, than we spend on a good one. The good one will last, while the cheap one will have to be replaced again and again.

      When it comes to art, I think quality is very important, but not only in art. I think the way we use money is very important.

      In the end, we need money to increase our life quality and to become better persons. Money itself means nothing. How invest it means a lot.

      I’m happy you enjoyed my post and thank you for your comment!

  3. What beautiful bedding! These quilts are gorgeous! As a business man, I was wondering whether any piece of art could be placed on a duvet? Is a duvet a quilt? Thanks for that great information about perfect sleep. I’m sending this article to my daughter who always sleeps with the light on. I wonder whether having the light on causes he seizures? I think I’ll try the scents for sleeping tonight along with the yellow lights. I’m looking forward to trying your sleep techniques. I really love a great night’s sleep because I seem to wake not refreshed. How quickly can I submit my design to have a beautiful Mandala Duvet? My mother’s birthday is in one month and we live the United States. What is the turnaround time? Or, how long does an order take to be completed?

    • Hello, Rick!

      I’m so happy you like this mandala bedding design! But who doesn’t?

      A good and peaceful sleep is very important for your body and your mind. I can assure you of that, because I tested it myself. It’s a huge difference between “you that sleep well every night” and “you that don’t care about your sleep”. 

      I used to sleep with the light on as a kid, I was afraid of dark, but light is not good for your sleep. I think your daughter should try to use a little lamp with poor yellow light. It is healthier for her sleep.

      You can submit your design right now. You will find the “request a custom order” button under the photo of the product. You can put the date you need your order to arrive and also photos with your design. They will respond within 24 hours. You can also contact the shop owner, on “Contact shop”. You will find two contact buttons: one on the top right of the shop homepage and the other one deep down on the homepage of the shop (CoolBedding).

      The processing time varies but they will tell you how much it takes when you’ll confirm your order and the estimated shipping time for United States is 3 – 5 business days. There may be also some shipping taxes, but is is not for sure. They have free shipping around the world as well.

  4. I’ve been wanting a custom duvet set for ages!  I’ve almost bought so many times but, there was always something that wasn’t quite right.  

    I think you can understand how having that “just right” bedding can really lift your spirits and comfort you while you sleep.  At level 46 (46 years old) getting a fabulous night of rest has become a top priority for me.

    This bedding company does such beautiful work.  I think I hit the jackpot with your review.  I never even thought to get something custom made as I thought it would be way out of my price-range.  Now I know better! 

    Their Mandala bedding is not only the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen but, they have a wide array to choose from.  I’ve never found this many choices anywhere else.  Thank you!

    • Hello, Fyre! I’m so happy my review was useful to you! 

      I thought the same when I found them! They are great artists!

      And you’re so right about the “just right bedding”! For me the bed is not only the place I sleep, but a kind of “sacred place” and I need it to be just perfect, so I perfectly understand you and I am so happy to see we have this thing in common!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

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