How To Easy Draw A Mandala – Cool Home Decorating Ideas

How To Draw A MandalaToday I’m going to show you how to easy draw a mandala and also, how to craft some cool home decorations.

There are lot of mandala cool home decorating ideas. All you have to do is to let your imagination come out and let it flow free. It is also always good to make changes in your home decor, not only because this makes it more beautiful, but also because it brings a big amount of fresh and positive energy.

Making changes doesn’t always mean to throw away what’s old and buy what’s new and fancy, but built your own original decor by using old stuff and creativity. Today I’m gonna show you some cool mandala home decorating ideas.

How to easy draw a mandala

First of all, we have to learn how to draw a mandala, which is really simple. The most important thing to remember is that there are no rules about patterns and colors because a mandala is a result of imagination and more original you are, more awesome your drawing is gonna be.

Here are a few steps to follow (click on photos to zoom):

  • draw a perfect circle by using a compass or any other round shape object that you can find in your house (you can also use a thread: keep one end fixed in the middle and with the other end just make a circle by using a pencil; make sure the thread stays straight)

How To Draw A MandalaHow To Draw A Mandala

How To Draw A Mandala

  • find the middle of the circle by using a ruler or something that could replace a ruler (if you have used a compass or a thread you will already have the middle of the circle)

How To Draw A Mandala

  • now you can start to make different patterns like petals, leaves, circles, flowers or anything that comes out from your imagination; only make sure that you start from the middle and go towards the outside. If you still can’t decide how to fill it, you can do a search online and you will find thousands of mandala models. Just choose one and have fun!

How To Fill A Mandala

Mandala Patterns

If you want to draw a more complex mandala, you can draw more aid circles and lines in the main circle (I prefer to do that, because I’m not so dexterous and these lines and circles make the work much more easier). After that just feel free to fill everything as you wish. Don’t try too hard to make the shapes perfect, just let them go naturally. The result is gonna be much more beautiful than you expect. Every mandala has its own incomparable beauty.

How To Easy Draw A Mandala

How To Draw A MandalaHow To Draw A Mandala

Awesome Mandala

Here is a video that perfectly describes the drawing process of the mandala. The artist is Elsa Rhae and she’s doing a great job! Enjoy:

On the right you can find the Pigma Pen Set Of Ten that I recommand from Amazon (same pens Elsa uses in her video). They are high quality pens and, as you can see, they make a very big difference. My mandalas don’t look as gorgeous as the ones in the video, because I used a simple pencil.

Diy mandala wall art instructions

Now, that you know how to draw a mandala, it will be more easy to do it on a wall. Actually there are not so many differences between drawing mandalas on paper and drawing mandalas on walls. The only thing that changes here is the tool you use for drawing. You will have to use a special pencil for walls drawing, or some quality paint, or just simply use a permanent marker. It is up to you and the result is gonna be awesome anyway.

The steps are the same we saw together earlier, so I’m not gonna insist with that. To make it easier,you can use a pencil to trail the circles and the petals/leaves. After that you will only have to cover them with colors or black. Let’s discuss about the type of mandala you wanna have and here, again, all you have to do is letting your imagination flow free, but I can suggest you some sorts of mandala wall art drawings:

  • black and white mandala – so you will have to use only black paint

Black And White Mandala

  • colored mandala – so you can use any color you want

Colorful Mandala

  • more mandalas – you can draw more mandalas bigger and smaller and you can also use different shapes of mandalas, like half-moons or even animals like elephants, cats, owls etc. Basically you can arrange the whole drawing just the way you feel.

Wall Draw Mandala

Elephant MandalaCat Mandala

Owl MandalaElephant Mandala Wall Art

Bonus: Video from youtube – Wall Drawing With Sharpie (Pink Chai):

Easy diy mandala tapestry wall-hanging

If you want to make an easy mandala tapestry just follow the steps below:

What you need:

  • an old bed sheet
  • some tape
  • a thread or anything else that you can use to draw a perfect round shape (in this case, I think it’s easier to use the thread way)
  • some permanent markers (any color you want to use)
  • a pencil

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Let’s start:

  • take the old bed sheet and place it down on a flat surface (you can cut the bed sheet as you wish; I tried to make a square of it)
  • make the bed sheet secure in place with tape (click on photos to zoom)

Easy Diy Mandala Tapestry

  • use the thread to draw a perfect round shape (which is gonna be the base of your mandala)

How To Draw A Perfect Circle

  • choose a mandala design (you can find many different mandala designs by simply doing a search online or you can make your own design)
  • make some aid lines and circles to make the work more easier (use a pencil so the marks are not going to be too visible; to trail the lines I used a broomstick)

Easy Diy Mandala Tapestry

  • simply start drawing petals and leaves starting from the middle and going towards the outside (if you need more help just go up and see again How to draw a mandala paragraph).

Easy Diy Mandala TapestryEasy Diy Mandala Wall Hanging

Mandala Tapestry

I recommend you to use a white sheet. I used a dark grey one, so my mandala design doesn’t look so good on it. It was the only one I found in my house at that moment.

So I brought here a cool video on how to easy diy mandala tapestry by ClaCali. Enjoy!

How to make a mandala pillow

Now I will show you how to make a mandala pillow. Of course, you can always be original about it and adapt the crafting as you wish.

You will need:

  • some fabric (you can choose whatever color you like, but it has to be a light color, so you can draw a mandala on it)
  • needle and thread or a glue gun
  • some padding
  • scissors
  • permanent markers (black or any colors you want)
  • tape
  • measuring tape
  • pencil

First, you have to use the measuring tape to decide how big is gonna be your pillow. Do some marks with a permanent marker and cut two identical squares of fabric.

How To Make A Mandala Pillow

Now take one square, place it on a flat surface and secure it with tape. Use the pencil to trail some aid lines and circles as we did for the the mandala tapestry craft. Use the permanent marker to draw your mandala. I used a thin black marker to make the work look more delicate.

How To Craft A Mandala PillowHow To Make A Mandala Pillow

How To Make A Mandala PillowHow To Make A Mandala Pillow

After you finish the masterpiece, use the glue gun or needle and thread to stick/sew the fabric ends together. Just make sure you leave a little space open, so you can use it to fill the pillow with some padding. After that you can stick together the fabric ends of the little space and here you are. Your mandala pillow is done!

How To Make A Mandala PillowHow To Make A Mandala Pillow

Mandala PillowMandala Crafts

More awesome mandala ideas for home decorating

I decided to suggest you more cool mandala ideas for home decorating and if you need me to bring here the whole crafting process of any of these, just let me know and I will be more than happy to do it.

And here they are:

  • mandala dot art painting (used for walls decorating or paintings)
  • mandala stone painting (used to decorate flower pots)
  • ceramic mandala wall hanging
  • mandala umbrella (personalized umbrella with mandala drawings)
  • mandala pot painting
  • mandala wall hanging plate
  • mandala dream catcher (wall hanging)

There are lots of many other cool ideas, but I’ve chosen the ones that seemed more easy to me. If you have original ideas, feel free to share them with us.

If you still feel uninspired, have a look on some mandala coloring books and designs that I recommend here.

I hope you enjoyed my post and if there is anything you need to add or ask about mandala, just feel free to leave a comment below.



  1. Great step by step instructions you have here. I have always been wanting to learn how to draw mandalas. I’ll be bookmarking this page so I can try my hand on this. Thanks for the info

  2. Great how to article!

    I am an artist at heart and the Mandala has always intrigued me. This medium looks fairly easy yet tedious to create. You did a great job of explaining the simplicity of how to get this done the right way, great post.

    When you creat a design do you have a plan when you start of just a bare minimum mind set and just go from there? Just curious?



    • Hello, there!

      When I draw mandalas, I never have a plan. I just trail the aid lines and circles and let my imagination come out. Some people draw them even without aid lines. Mandalas are a result of imagination and of your inner self, so you don’t need to think too much about it. Just let it come out naturally.

      I’m happy you enjoyed my post! Thank you, Nic!

  3. Wow your instructions and step by step photos make this look so easy. I love mandalas and your article has given me many ideas on how I can use them to decorate objects. I think you can make each one look unique and different depending on the colors you choose. Bright primary colors, tonals or contrasting colours. They’d all look great. 

    • Hello, Ann! The most beautiful thing on drawing mandalas is there are no rules. You can use colors and patterns as you wish and you can decorate almost everything with mandalas. They will always look stunning.

      Thank you so much for your comment and have fun decorating!

  4. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for this article, I’ve actually got some family members joining over Christmas and new years with their kids and this sounds like a great way to keep the kids entertained for at least a couple of hours. Is there a book or resource you can recommend to give us design ideas?

    • Hello, Nate! 

      I recommend you the Magical Mandala Coloring Book. It has 100 unique and gorgeous designs. It is an adult coloring book, but I think is good for kids too. Another one for kids I recommend is the Jade Summer’s coloring book. They are both on Amazon.

      I think I will add some mandala coloring books and designs on the post as well for the ones who are interested. Thank you so much for asking and I’m happy you enjoyed my post!

  5. Great article about Mandalas and how to create them in many different creative ways and forms. I cam to this site thinking I wanted a circular mandala, which I love but I did not know that they could be created in other shapes like elephants and cats. Those are so cool. I do love the tapestry and the pillow idea but I am painting a mandala on my bedroom wall and I am looking or inspiration. I am so stealing the cat idea because it is brilliant. I just love cats and this will be perfect in my bedroom. I will be following your instructions so keep your fingers crossed for me. I will be spending the next week or so practicing drawing a cat mandala on paper before I attempt to put the pattern on the wall. Thank you for the inspiration!

    • Hello, Heather!
      I’m so happy my post inspired you! I’m sure you will do a masterpiece on your wall! I love cats too and I’m sure a cat mandala looks mazing on a wall.
      Stay tuned! I will make more posts like this.
      Thank you so much for your appreciation!

  6. wow Anna, you are so talented, myself I have zero creativity skills but your article makes it look so easy, and thank you for including pictures, for people like me its very helpful. greate post.

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