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Free Spirit ShopMandala tapestries are really beautiful and full of meaning as we’ve seen together (read Mandala Tapestry – Meaning And Use and The History Of Mandala – Introduction To The Wholeness Concept), but where is the best place to buy them?

To answer this question, I’ve decided to start a series of reviews for a few shops that sell mandala items.

Today I will do it for Free Spirit Shop. Let’s see what it has to offer.

What does Free Spirit Shop Sell?

The shop name itself almost answers this question, but I will tell you more. Free Spirit Shop sells bohemian and spiritual items for yoga and meditation, but also natural healing jewelry (most of them are handmade) and home decorations. They have as well a mandala items category.

Buy Mandala TapestryIn this category they have rectangle, square and round mandala tapestry, bedding, pillow cases and wall stickers. I need to mention that they don’t have thousands of mandala items, but the ones they have are of very high quality.

Product Quality

Their strong point is quality.

They use natural stones and leather for bracelets. Mandala bedding and mandala wall hangings are made 100% of cotton. Also, their colors and their models are really beautiful and very well done. This proves that they keep on the quality and originality of their products.

Product Prices

Their prices are higher than the ones on Amazon and Ebay, but this is because quality is obviously superior to those two, in terms of mandala tapestry. I’m always referring to this category when comparing products. I’ve mentioned that, because I don’t want to get people confused and make them believe I don’t appreciate the two e-commerce leaders.

I usually prefer better quality and higher price, than low price and poor quality, but of course, this is not a rule. There are lots of shops with high quality products and very good prices.

What I Like About Free Spirit Shop

Buy Mandala TapestryI will make a list with all the things I like about this online shop:

  1. Quality – this is on the top of my list because I always prefer quality over everything else and Free Spirit definitely deserves praise for this
  2. Designs – they have elegant and tasteful tapestry models and designs
  3. The theme of the store – spirituality, meditation, yoga and natural healing
  4. They always have discounts and good offers (especially near holidays); also if you sign up (which is free), you’ll have even more discounts.
  5. They offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $50.
  6. If your order is delayed, they will process a full refund or reship the item to you free of charge.
  7. You will receive notifications by email from Free Spirit Shop with details about your order status.

What I Don’t Like About Free Spirit Shop

Unfortunately, there are also some things I don’t like about this shop and most of them are regarding the shipping process:

  1. If you order several items, you will receive them in separate packages, so you have to allow some time for all your items to arrive.
  2. Most orders will arrive between 7 and 35 days. So you won’t get your order the same day or the next day (the bad news is sometimes you can wait up to 60 days, but this is very rare, and the good news is that most of the time you will receive your items earlier than expected). If you wait more than 60 days, they will give your money back or they will resend the item to you free of charge, as I mentioned before.
  3. Any items from the mandala category is not exchangeable or refundable because they are final sale. Actually this is not a real problem, because I can guarantee you will never want to return those items. They are beautiful and qualitative, so you will have no reason to do that once you’ve chosen the designs you like.
  4. They don’t have a wide range of mandala items, but I think this is because it is a young shop (almost 2 years)


I think the prices are justified by quality. The only thing that remains less pleasant is that you have to wait days or weeks until your orders arrive.

If this is not a problem for you, as it isn’t for me, then you should have a look. I ordered from this store about 4 times and I have to mention my orders never came late. Actually they always arrived earlier than expecting to me and the products are so gorgeous.

Before ordering anything I spent a lot of time doing searches about this shop to find out if it’s safe and reliable. Given that it is a young shop, we don’t find too much information about it.

I found a shop with a similar name (Free Spirited Shop) and all the customers of this shop were complaining. They didn’t receive their orders and no one was replying to their emails. Now the shop doesn’t exist anymore, but there are still lots of negative reviews and complaints out there, so don’t confuse the Free Spirit Shop with the Free Spirited Shop.

I did this! LOL

But how to verify if an online shop is trustworthy?

Here are some tips for you:

  • first of all check the connection: it has to be secure; make sure it is a https and not a http.

Free Spirit Shop Review

  • look for details about the owner/s of the website (about us, contact us, who we are)
  • look for customer reviews
  • make other searches online about it (check their social media, etc)

And here is the golden rule: Before to invest in anything online, always make some searches first, especially when you are not familiar with the shop or service!

I made all the searches for this shop and I also bought from it, so you can buy anything and be safe. I don’t understand why it’s still unpopular, but I think this is the owner’s problem, not ours.

All I want is to make honest reviews and to help people, so that’s why I’ve been searching for good and bad customer reviews, just to make my opinion the closest to reality.

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I hope this post was useful to you and if you have any questions or opinions about this shop, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. It is really nice to know about the Free Spirit shop. My mom is into yoga and of course spiritual stuff so I think I can buy all my products from this shop. I love how you have rated that the Free Spirit Shop has a 100% product quality in it. Thank you so much for sharing this article with us.

    • Hello, Sujandar! Yes, they have high quality products and this is the thing I like the most, that’s why I made this review. I think your mom will love it!

      Thank you for your comment!

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